Electrical, Fire and Workplace Compliance
Welcome to Testing Validation Services Due to the variety of electrical and fire equipment that requires regular testing within most sites, many organisations are faced with managing multiple service providers to meet their testing requirements. TVS can supply, service and test fire equipment, emergency and exit lighting, smoke alarms, RCD’s and portable appliance testing (test and tag).
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Electrical Repairs & Maintenance

TVS are licensed electrical contractors so can therefore carry out electrical maintenance & repairs on a very wide range of equipment within your workplace. From repairs to electrical equipment to replacement of faulty power sockets & lighting, TVS can take care of your electrical repairs & maintenance. Did you know? One fluorescent tube can contain up to 5mG of mercury. Trial LED tubes in your workplace!

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Fire Equipment Testing. Sales and Testing

(Extinguishers, Hose reels and Fire Blanket)

All tests are carried out in compliance with Australian Standard : AS 1851:2005

TVS have the necessary qualifications required by the national standard of training to supply and test, tag and replace fire extinguishers, fire blankets and hose reels.

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Emergency/Exit Lighting

All tests are carried out in compliance with Australian Standard: AS3786:1993, AS3000:2007 AS2293:2005. TVS supply, install and test all types of emergency and exit lighting. The standards require regular 6 monthly testing which includes:

  • Replacement of faulty tubes and lamps
  • Electrical supply test
  • Discharge tests
  • Visual inspection
  • Replacement of non compliant fitting and batteries

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RCD Testing

– Fixed & Portable All tests are carried out in compliance with Australian Standard: AS/NZS 3760:2010.
Regular testing of fixed and portable RCD’s is required by a registered electrical contractor to ensure their operation should leakage to earth occur in the workplace. This protects lives. Did you know? A push button test (6 monthly) can be done by a tenant, but a proper millisecond RCD test (12 monthly) must be carried out by a qualified person and only an electrician can replace a faulty.

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Evacuation Diagram


In Western Australia, employers are responsible for the safety of everyone in their workplace including all staff, contractors and visitors. Evacuation diagrams are a requirement for all non-private building facilities irrespective of size or location. In the case of an emergency it is very important that personnel onsite are equipped with the information to ensure everyone can be evacuated safely and promptly. TVS can visit your workplace and discuss your evacuation procedure requirements and provide evacuation diagrams of how to evacuate the workplace and where to assemble in an emergency situation. A site assessment will ensure the correct number of evacuation diagrams will be provided. It is generally accepted they are placed at the front and rear exit to all buildings, near car parks and where lifts and stairwells are located. All evacuation diagrams are produced in accordance with AS3745-2010.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is a very important and valuable diagnostic procedure that detects anomalies in temperature that are not visible to the naked eye. Thermography allows corrective action to be taken to repair faults before system failures occur. Thermal imaging highlights overheating beyond the normal operating parameters and if not repaired, can lead to equipment failure, downtime and potentially a fire.
At completion of testing TVS supply a comprehensive report on the thermal imaging test results including infrared images and operating temperatures of the equipment tested. Any result outside the normal operating parameters will require attention as soon as practicable. TVS are electrical contractors so all urgent repairs can be made during visit, minimising downtime and extra costs.

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Test & Tag Electrical


TVS carries out electrical tests and asset registering as required by the AS/NZS 3760:2010 standard for in service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment. Did you know?? Each workplace requires a risk management approach to determine the type of inspection and if necessary any testing required. This ensures the inspection and testing program is appropriate and adequate for the needs of the workplace.

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