Emergency Exit Light Testing, Supply & Maintenance

Emergency Exit Light Testing, Supply  & Maintenance

All tests are carried out in compliance with Australian Standard: AS3786:1993, AS3000:2007 AS2293:2005.

TVS supply, install and test all types of emergency and exit lighting

The standards require regular 6 monthly testing which includes:

  • Replacement of faulty tubes and lamps
  • Electrical supply test
  • Discharge tests
  • Visual inspection
  • Replacement of non compliant fitting and batteries (licensed electrician only)
  • Functionality test
  • Log / record of fitting details and test procedures

Disconnect mains voltage from exit light to simulate power failure

  • Ensure emergency and exit lights remain illuminated for at least 90 minutes
  • Restore the emergency and exit lights to normal charging condition
  • Check operation of all exit lights and all charge indicators
  • Report any failures on TVS test sheets and service reports
  • Customer reminder when tests are due again

Did you know?? The Standard states that a full battery discharge of each exit light must be carried out every 6 months and a record of results kept on the premises

Twelve – Monthly Procedures:

  • Carry out all checks as per six-monthly procedures
  • Update emergency lighting log book
  • Record make/model/location/type of lamp
    At completion of testing, reset all circuit breakers and ensure that all exit lights are illuminated
  • Results from the Light tests will be documented on site and also be stored on the TVS database to ensure a copy is always available for auditing purposes
  • Certificate of compliance issued at completion of each visit