RCD Testing

RCD Testing (Residual Current Devices)– Fixed & Portable

All tests are carried out in compliance with Australian Standard: AS/NZS 3760:2010.

Regular testing of fixed and portable RCD’s is required by a registered electrical contractor to ensure their operation should leakage to earth occur in the workplace. This protects lives.
Did you know?? A push button test (6 monthly) can be done by a tenant, but a proper millisecond RCD test (12 monthly) must be carried out by a qualified person and only an electrician can replace a faulty RCD



A TVS electrician will perform a 12 month test in accordance with Australian Standards to ensure that these devices are within their functional design parameters and appropriate standards.

  • Yearly reminder when tests are due again
  • Results from the RCD tests will be documented on site and also be stored on the TVS database to ensure a copy is always available for auditing purposes
  • Certificate of compliance issued at completion of each visit