Test & Tag

Test & Tag Electrical

TVS carries out electrical tests and asset registering as required by the AS/NZS 3760:2010 standard for in service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment in the workplace

  • Physical Inspection
  • Visual Inspections
  • Insulation Test
  • Earth Bond Test
  • Continuity Test
  • Functionality Test
  • Run / Leakage Test
  • Polarity Wire Test
  • Check for obvious external damage
  • Check defects-accessories, plugs or socket outlets
  • Check supply cords

Did you know?? Each workplace requires a risk management approach to determine the type of inspection and if necessary any testing required. This ensures the inspection and testing program is appropriate and adequate for the needs of the workplace.

TVS Asset Register and Test Certificates will include the following information:

  • Description / serial number (if required)
  • Location
  • Inspection Test Date
  • Next Inspection Test Date
  • Results of Inspection / Test
  • Repairs made
  • Comments
  • Test and Tag data will be documented on site and also be stored on the TVS database to ensure a copy is always available for auditing purposes
  • Certificate of compliance issued at completion of each visit